Meet the Photographer

Welcome to my website, I am Benny Van den Bulke,

a photographer with a strong preference for black and white images.

After my first real camera purchase back in 2013, I was triggered and started trying everything,

and ultimately narrowing my focus to mainly fine-art streetphotography.

My style of photographing and editing has been shaped somewhat by my graphical schooling background, 

with an eye for shapes, crisp compositions and compelling light...

But al of these things are nothing without some mood offcourse!

Lately I am also starting to do some candid-type of streetphotography and even some portraiture,

and trying to implement some of my own style into this.

Sometimes i go out shooting with friends and discovered there and then that teaching others

about my passion is something i really enjoy doing.hh

I started to give some 1on1 workshop/webinars during the corona pandemic,

and normally will start giving full day workshops until the end of 2021

Photography to me is not a hobby, its a passion!

One that I love to share with like-minded people, and everybody else too offcourse!

Everywhere I look I am searching for lines and light, candid moments, etc...

Its al happening subconsciously, and mostly in BNW offcourse ;-)

portrait, profilepicture bennybulke


- 2017 winner photography contest "best streetphotograph 2017" straatfotografie.nl

- 2017 interview/article Shoot magazine (june issue)

- 2019 article in newspaper "knack KW weekendkrant" (04/01/2019)

- 2020 participant tamron day with piece in zoom magazine (jan/feb issue)


- 2020 interview article on "The Pictorial Magazine"  (view here!)

- 2020 featured at 'the gallery pages' from digital photographers magazine UK (issue 229)

- 2020 featured at F8 magazine UK 

- 2021 lecture participant at zoom.nl "NEXT" event

- YouTube interview with octavian carare about my streetphotography (link here)