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BB BNW streetpack

BB BNW streetpack

20,00 €Price
  • 20 presets
  • and
  • 12 brushes/radials/grad.filters





Lightroom 7.1 to newest Lightroom Classic

Photoshop (adobe camera raw) version 10.3 or newer

Lightroom mobile and CC (16 presets but no brushes available in mobile)

  • what who and why

    • I created this presetpack over the years (use them myself) to make my editing easier and faster, immediately showing the potential of my images while hoovering over the presets.
    • My philosophy in editing is that you can create more stunning images if it doesnt get too time-consuming, therefore not stalling your creative vibe,
    • on the other side of things i do not believe a preset can fully edit an image that is stunning enough (seldom this is the case) but it almost always needs a personal touch, often created by local adjustments using brushes, radials and/or graduated filters.
    • Therefore this is not only a presetpack with only presets but also brush/radial/grad filter presets included, which you can use to create more your own style, preferred personal editing and so on.....


    • in my oppinion this makes it possible for you to boost your editing process in the direction you want it to go!
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